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Find out more about that advertisement that catches your eye.

Ever been out on the road, seen a billboard advertising an item that interests you - a house in your desired area, a film, a tv program or a play opening soon. You want to take a note but you are driving or on a train or just simply in a hurry. You try to memorise the details but can't.

If the advert has a txtvert code on it all you have to do is remember a simple code and then text it to txtvert.

For example you might text abc123 to us at txtvert on 07802 444500.

ABC123 might be a txtvert that a company uses to advertise their latest product. We will then send you the information about their product, price, contact details etc. via email and optionally back to your mobile via a text. It is free to sign up and all SMS's are charged at your network providers standard rate.

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