Welcome Advertisers to txtvert

Explantory Notes.

This is a pilot service currently offered for free to advertisers who wish to become early adopters of the txtvert system.

Registration involves supplying some basic information about yourselves i.e. company information, contacts etc. Key pieces of information are your password (all the normal coniderations apply), your email address and your chosen txtvert 3 character code. We suggest you try and choose a code that relates to your business name - its up to you. Codes will be rejected if they are in use or part of our reserved list.

The next step is to reply to the verification email sent to you on completion of registration or click on the link contained within that email. You cannot use the system until this has been done. It is important to make a note of the 6 digit account code allocated to you. This is the code you will use for logging into the system next visit.

Once done either log back into the system (as an Advertiser) using your 6 digit code and password or, if you have clicked on the link in the email, and you will find yourself on the txtvert Data Management page. Here is where you create, update and delete your txtvert adverts.

Initially you have no txtvert adverts, you need to create some. Subsequently when you return to this page you will see your existing txtvert's listed with the most recently created at the top of the list.

To create a txtvert you can either click on the link to enter a simple data entry page where you supply the basic data comprising a txtvert or you can upload a comma serperated file (CSV) which contains one or more prepared txtvert's that will be automatically entered into the system. Additional notes on how to create a suitable CSV file are given on the Data Management page. Either way once a txtvert has been created the system allocates an actual txtvert code. This is the important bit. This is the code that you then print on your physical advert i.e. property board, billboard poster, TV commerical etc. along with your conventional contact information i.e. telephone number, email, web address. The wording is up to you.

Text ABC123 to 07802 444500 (standard rate SMS) to receive more information

When a customer send us a text message we establish whether they are registered or not. If they are not registered then they receive an SMS message back with instructions on how to register. Once registered or if they are already registered, we email the full details of the advertisment that you have supplied in your txtvert to them, we optionally send an SMS message back with a short advert description, contact details etc. that you have supplied and we optionally email you that this individual is interested in being contacted about your advert along with their contact details. This is controlled by the registered customer. No data is sent or forwarded without their approval.

Thats is really..simple, effective and utltimately useful communication we think. So register now and start using txtvert adverts.


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