Welcome Advertisers to txtvert

A new way to communicate with your customers.

Include a txtvert code along with your existing contact methods like telephone number, email address, web site address. You have now given your Customers an alternative, easier and immediate method for capturing and responding to your advert.

The Customer has only have to remember a short alpha-numeric code e.g. ABC123. They use their mobile phone to send this code as a text message to us at txtvert. We then email (and optionally SMS text) them back the advert details which will include your contact details. They can then contact you when back home or at the office.

We are running an early adopter scheme for new Advertisers. Register now to be part of our beta trial for free. You get to choose your own 3 character txtvert mnemonic which will prefix all your txtvert codes.

You create and administer your own txtvert adverts. You can hold up to 999 txtvert adverts at any one time. In the future we will be charging for this service but as an early adopter you will always be able to use the basic service for free.

It is and always will be free for your Customers to sign up and all SMS's are charged at your network providers standard rate.

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