Privacy Policy for txtvert Web Sites

txtvert is committed to protecting the privacy of all visitors to our web sites.

This document outlines our privacy policy relating to usage of txtvert websites. This policy applies to all web sites operated by txtvert (but not to web sites linked to by txtvert) except when they explicitly state otherwise.

Even where allowed by this policy, txtvert will not use your personal data in such a way as to breach the Data Protection Act or any other relevant UK legislation.

What information does txtvert collect from me when I visit a txtvert web site?

  • txtvert collects very little information about visitors to our web sites.

  • However, every time you view a txtvert web page, we may store web server logs which show your IP address (the Internet number which your machine uses when it is connected to the Internet)

  • The information may also be used to keep state about a particular session, such that the txtvert applications can generate the correct page information.

    What do txtvert do with this web log information?

  • This data is used strictly for statistical purposes only. This helps us understand which areas of the site are of particular interest and also which pages are being requested that no longer exist. It also tells us how many hits and page requests we get.

    How long does txtvert keep this information?

  • We process the logs into statistical form on a weekly basis. The original logs are destroyed as are deemed necessary.

  • We may correlate your accesses in a given period to gain further information (e.g. which pages people visit regularly), which will only be used in statistical form.

    Who does txtvert share the web access log information with?

  • We will not share any of the information collected from your accesses to our site with anyone outside txtvert.

  • However, it is possible that we may supply aggregate statistical information to third parties for statistical analysis purposes.

  • Except as provided for in the preceding paragraph, we will never release information about the activities of an individually identifiable person or IP address except in response to a court order or if we are required to do so by law.

    What about cookies?

  • A cookie is a small amount of data, which is sent to your browser by the web server, stored on your computer, and then sent back when you subsequently look at pages on that server. They are usually used to help remember who you are and what interests you.

  • Generally txtvert uses cookies (or similar mechanisms) to track your use of the site and to maintain a record of your visit to enhance the experience of using the site.

  • A new European Directive (2002/58/EC) will come into force in the UK during 2003. This imposes new rules on the use of cookies and similar mechanisms. We are reviewing our policies to bring them into line with this Directive, and will update this privacy policy accordingly.

    What if I click on a banner or link?

  • All banners on our web site currently relate to txtvert products or services. We do not provide any banners that link to third party sites, however if 3rd party banners are provided they will be subject to their policies.

  • Any links to 3rd parties will be clearly marked as such and will relate to information about a particular txtvert.

  • If you wish to respond to a txtvert such that details are passed to an advertiser so more details can be supplied to yourself, then these links will be clearly marked and clearly state what information will be passed on.

    What about security of any personal data that I do submit (signing-up on-line)?

  • We will ask for the minimum amount of data that is required for us to set up the service and (if necessary) to contact you for billing purposes. We may also ask you other questions for our own purposes. If we do, it will be clearly stated that you need not answer these questions and that failing to answer will not affect the service. All this data will be collected securely using a secure server.

  • Also, if any on-line payments are required as part of the sign up process (or at any time if value add services are purchased), any credit or debit card details will be passed to an automated credit checking service.

  • All data that is collected from the site, be that web site access logs, user registration information, or mobile information is stored in a secure environment which is protected from un authorised access, improper use, alteration, unlawful, or accidental loss or destruction.

    How long is any personal data kept?

  • If we do ask you for any personal data (name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.) for registration purposes then we will store this data for up to 12 months following the last time that you accessed the service.

    What about responses to txtverts?

  • If you do respond to a txtvert the information will be stored in our systems, you will be able to see which ones you have responded to in your account section.

  • An advertiser will be able to see statistical information about the number of responses to particular txtverts.

    What if I have not given consent, how do you know?

  • We maintain databases of the information you submit. If you have opted not to consent to any additional use of your data, then this will be flagged in these databases and we will not contact you for any reason other than those stated at the time you submit your information.

    Who can I contact about this privacy statement?

  • Any questions about this privacy policy should be sent via email to

    Who can I contact about your Data Protection policy in general?

  • Any questions about our Data Protection policy should be sent via email to us.

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